Brandon’s Legacy Trilogy

Author’s Note: I haven’t written a single word — I’m still in the research phase!
I decided to start putting up the web site to organize my thoughts and research
and give some tidbits and previews along the way.


She loved his brother with all her heart.
Even as Aidan rose to fame,
the darling of women everywhere,
Amabel believed in him,
encouraged him,
loved him.

Then Daniel Brandon stepped in
to shield his brother from
the silly, pathetic, lovesick girl
he no longer wanted.

Daniel destroyed her.
He smeared her reputation.
He drove her to the edge of madness.
He ruined her life.


It took Bellamy Marlowe half her life
to recover from the damage
the Brandon family inflicted on her.

Now she has learned the secret crime
at the heart of the Brandon legacy,
a secret that could bring the Brandons
to their knees forever.

No Honor Among Thieves

But the man who ruined her life
to protect his brother is now a battle-scarred
casualty of love himself,
and he needs her help
in a race against time and men
cheated out of the spoils of war.

Even as Bellamy begins to see
the man behind the cold mask
that Patrick presents to the world,
she cannot forget the pain and humiliation
he inflicted on her.

Shall she enjoy the dish of revenge served cold,
or reach out for the love of a lifetime?